Understanding YOUR FIRE!

Every fire begins with a spark!

Fire is at the heart of life here on earth and without it we would be so screwed! 😝

No sun for our plants to grow. No heat to warm our houses. No fire to cook our food.

Have you thought about the FIRE that lives inside of you and shapes your life?

Just imagine this… Our bodies are regulated at an average of 96-97 degrees … 10 degrees higher, we are brain fried... 10 degrees cooler, our body shuts down from the effects of cold. How important is it to maintain the right level of our FIRE?

This same truth also applies to designing a healthy body, as well as our professional and personal lives!

If we burn too hot and never take a break we ‘burn out’. If we cool down too much we lose momentum and aren’t able to make any impact (and if it gets cold enough that fire dies out).

I always emphasize these principles with everyone who comes through my mentoring and coaching programs.

This is not about just looking good. This is about TAPPING YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL and harnessing the physical and mental FIRE you possess to relentlessly take action toward the life you deserve!

We MUST aim to understand OUR FIRE and how we must constantly apply ourselves to grow in our health, careers, and relationships.

During the coming weeks, I encourage you to focus on understanding your FIRE… your desire and drive to succeed... your determination to show up as the best version of yourself... your constant improvement and relentless spirit to live the rich life that you want for yourself. Build your desire and determination to feel the sweet victory of having the body and the quality life you deserve.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

You can do this! 💪

Chris Patterson

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