Metabolism... Your INNER-FIRE

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Forget dieting! You are a high-performance piece of machinery!

When it comes to how our body is shaped and prepared for action daily, it all comes down to our metabolism. Your metabolism is your body’s ability to maintain the balance of all systems that keep us functioning daily. Your metabolism is the FIRE that lives inside of you and comes as a result of your biological need to create balance with its environmental and physical demands to ensure survival. In short... it’s what is required to keep us alive and active! This not only keeps us alive, but it also shapes how our minds and bodies will literally respond to our will and the demands that we face throughout the day. This is why when my clients want to feel their best and eliminate body fat, I tell them they MUST EAT! Crash diets and detoxes are short-lived results that can’t be sustained. In fact, your metabolism has the most important role in ‘burning’ calories that you consume. When we eat dramatically below our metabolic needs, we ACTUALLY BURN MUSCLE TISSUE as a source of fuel and REDUCE our body's ability to burn calories… which can actually result in us being MORE LIKELY TO PUT ON BODY FAT! If you are physically active in your day, you need to account for the higher demand of energy you are putting on yourself and your need for mental clarity. This is why it is critical to EAT! When you eat in excess of your metabolic needs, your body has to do something with the surplus of energy… That is when we pack on body fat in the places we don’t want it! It's all about balance and intentional action! This simple (yet seemingly difficult) concept is just one of the many sticking points that I help people like you resolve so they understand their ‘inner-fire’ and know how to maintain looking and feeling great while also being fully ready to take on their day as the best version of themselves. If you have any questions about your metabolism or need help creating the right strategy to build healthy muscles and burn body fat without feeling like crap… you can reach out to me easily by email here at ! I am here for you!

-Chris Patterson

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