3 Powerful Tools to Actually Stay in Shape Over the Holidays

There's no reason that you can't put a few simple, yet effective tools into place this holiday season to help you in maintaining your holiday cheer and your healthy body.

You don't have to be a victim of over-indulgence or laziness AND you don't have to shun the holiday cheer (and by cheer I mean FOOD and DRINKS!)

However, you do have to make sure that you are not undoing the progress you have made so far, or conditioning your body for some bad habits that will be haunting you come the start of your new year.

Use these 3 tools as simple starting points to keep yourself on point through the holiday season, while letting yourself guiltlessly enjoy a strategic amount of the holiday SPIRITS (and baked goods, gravy, stuffing, etc.).


Tool #1: Keep your body physically active and get at least 3 resistance training workouts each week. Keep it under 45 minutes and exercise in a CIRCUIT style fashion to keep your main muscle group working and your heart rate elevated. This will prime your body to expend those extra calories of the Starbucks Holiday Drinks that you can only have during a very short time of the year (that's a personal confession btw!).

I have included a sample of a circuit-style routine you can use as a template to create a workout that works for your experience level

Perform 4 sets of this circuit, moving from one move to the next with minimal rest in between

- Push-Ups (12-15 reps)

- Dumbell Deadlift (8 reps)

- Dumbbell Shoulder Press (8 reps)

- Goblet Squat (10 reps)

-1- Arm Dumbbell Row (8 reps per side)

-Rest 2-3 min... the repeat.


(NOTE: Make sure to consult your personal physician for clearance to increase your physical activity prior to attempting any exercises here. Nothing here is designed to treat or diagnose any conditions)

Tool #2: Narrow Your Daily Eating Time Frame Down to a 10-8 hour window. This will restrict the amount of time that you are cramming food down your throat by setting up some great parameters that can ultimately lead to helping control hunger signals and has also been shown to improve your body's production of key hormones that promote weight loss and healthy muscle growth as well. Leaving yourself to properly digest fully over a 14-16 hour period of non-eating really helps in so many unbelievable ways!

Tool #3: Focus on eating high-quality dietary fats and proteins while aiming to eat your carbs (READ: SUGARY/STARTCHY FOODS) after your workout on training days or as late in the day as possible). You can really get a boost in controlling constant hunger by eating healthy fats and protein early in your day and after your body has had the most activity in your day, lay those carbs on yourself to give the body the fuel it needs to repair and ACTUALLY UTILIZE those yummy carbs for a great purpose!

Use these simple tools this winter holiday season and create the powerful foundation of the right habits you will need to launch into the new year and have success from the start... and avoid dragging an extra 15 lbs with you into the new year!

⚠️ If you need help figuring out where to start and how to avoid wasting time with methods that haven't worked for you in the past, or how to get through the holiday without packing on more weight to get rid of in January, then let's have a quick brainstorm session together and talk about how you can actually get there this time with less struggle and powerful start to 2021! (The call is FREE, so jump in and select a time!)

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(Requires simple dumbbells)

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Complete up to 4 Circuits total for best results*

1. Push-Ups (12-15 reps)

2. Dumbell Deadlift (8 reps)

3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press (8 reps)

4. Goblet Squat (10 reps)

5. 1- Arm Dumbbell Row (8 reps per side)

(*NOTE: Make sure to consult your personal physician for clearance to increase your physical activity prior to attempting any exercises here. Nothing here is designed to treat or diagnose any conditions. Under the use terms of this website and community, you must not attempt these exercises if you do not have written acknowledgment from your physician that you are, in fact, able to perform weight training and increase your physical activity.)

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