#1 way to make YOGA work for EVERYONE: Options that can help take out the pain and struggle

🙏Learn THESE powerful adaptations to this sequence in yoga practice to protect and strengthen the body in progressive stages. 👇👇👇

Anyone who has tried yoga, or spent some time exploring this amazing discipline for the health and spiritually uplifting aspects didn't start off programmed to nail every pose or know every part of the practice. Anyone whose been in a yoga class, and either felt like the poses and flow of the practice were too difficult, causing pain, or left them behind, this quick video is GOLD!

These alternatives in this video give us a look at how we can modify the traditional "vinyasa" that is classic in most yoga practices. It is best to modify and get the most out of our practice by trading out powerful postures like these to maintain good alignment, healthy joints, and ease any suffering during the practice. It is important to echo the words of one of my respected friends and wise yoga instructor says, "There are no extra points for suffering!" This video is the starting point to become empowered in adapting one's practice to meet their body's current level/need. 💪💪🙏


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